Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free Felt Food Pattern and Tutorial: Marshmallow Peeps Bunny

Bunny and Chick Peeps

As a little springtime treat, I thought I'd post a couple of free patterns/tutorials for how to make Peeps! I still need to take a couple of pictures of the chick process, so I'm going to start with the bunny.


  • Fleece or felt

  • Matching embroidery floss

  • Brown embroidery floss

  • Some kind of fluff

  • A nice, sharp needle

Download the pattern here

Download a PDF version of these directions

You can use fleece or felt. I'm using fleece here for 3 reasons. 1) I already had the colors and I'm practical like that, 2) Fleece is a little more flexible, especially with the chicks that have to be twisted around so much, and 3) I like a soft yellow color for my chicks and most of the yellow felts available are really garish.

Fleece Note: Fleece usually comes REALLY wide. Unless you are a crazy Peep-making fool, I can't imagine that you will need more than a 1/4 of a yard. you can probably get away with less, even.

Cut out your pieces. Note that some fleece is fuzzier on one side than the other. Decide which side you want facing out and make sure you have 2 of the same sides facing out.
bunny pieces

Most embroidery floss comes as 6 threads. I sew everything with 3, so just cut the length you want and split into two sets of 3 threads. Use your brown embroidery floss to add French knot eyes and nose. See my earlier post for a video on how to tie them.
french knot


face done

Load your needle with enough floss in the bunny-matching color (3 threads again) to go all the way around. I recommend sewing around the ears first. Start on whichever side is more comfortable for you. I would suggest a blanket stitch, but you might be able to get away with a whip stitch with this pattern, especially if you are using fleece. See my earlier post on blanket stitch for a video on how to do this.
Start at the ears

Once the ears are done, stuff them because they will be hard to reach later.
stuffing ears

stuffed ears

Continue sewing down the head, side of the body and across the bottom. Stuff the rest of your bunny.
Finish stuffing

Finish it up and knot it off.
close up

I typically hide my thread by stabbing through and pulling in the thread.
hide the threa inside

Then I hold it taught and cut the thread. Once it's cut, the thread inside will pull itself back in and hide.
put tight and cut

Your finished bunny!
Finished Bunny

Download a PDF version of these directions